Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who's a pretty girl? Lol! Here's my PSA for the day...Sunscreen, people. Skin cancer is not good times. Also, Pig Eye can be the result of Mohs' surgery. Now, feel free carry on with your day. :-)


Starwars1993 said...

Is it wrong that I think you look kinda hot in some weird way in this picture!!! LOL..snort!!

Mare said...


You are never going to believe this, but Mark said the same!

I guess if you don't look at my pig eye, it's all good!

Ed said...

I still say you go out and get yourself a bustier and an eyepatch and you Capt. Keebler can play pirate.

Debbie said...

Holy smokes mama. I hope you keep going regularly now......tapping my foot


Mare said...

Ed, Captain Keebler keeps asking me when I am going! You are a bad influence, Sir! ;)

Mare said...

Deb, that was actually found on my first 6 month check-up. I was even being an extra good girl and went a little!

It's a part of my life now. Mama's not going to take any chances, no matter how much they cut me up!

Plus, your foot tappin' scares me! ;)