Monday, May 16, 2011

Mickey Monday~The Trip of Coexistence: Day One

Hey, gang! Today, we are going to try this 'day of the week' theme thing again with Mickey Monday! As we mentioned before, it will always have something to do with Mickey. Oh, and if we are super lucky, it will tell the tale of a recent trip. This week, the story begins with day one of...dun, dun, dun!!!!...The Trip of Coexistence.

Once upon a time, there was a family who was crazy about the Red Sox.

One day, they met a family who was crazy about the Yankees.

Well, the Dad of the family was crazy about the Yankees. The girls in the family were just crazy about the Dad who was crazy about the Yankees!

In the world of rivalries, you can't get any better than the one between the Yankees and the Red Sox. The one thing which always brought these families together, though, was their love of the Mouse.

They had met and vacationed together down at their Happy Place (Walt Disney World, for those of you who couldn't figure that out) in April of 2009 (The Trip of Getting to Know You), April of 2010 (The Trip of Getting to Know You Better!), and November of 2010 (The Trip of Let's Pretend That It's Christmas!).

Although there haven't been any blog posts written about those trips (time just wasn't on our side), there are photos. Perhaps one day, we will share some tidbits of those tales with you, too!

This year, though, was a little different. For all of those other trips, both families would book their own hotels and meet up early in the day for their daily dose of Disney fun. But one day, the Yankees family persuaded the Red Sox family to join in on the savings of being Disney Vacation Club owners. Now, there would be the opportunity for both families to pool those vacation points together and stay in larger accommodations! Woo-hoo!

Could they do it, though? Could Yankees fans and Red Sox fans coexist together for seven days and not be at each other's throats? The answer to that would be a big YES, especially when they were going to stay at the Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa!

Eleven months in advance, reservations were made. As they began their countdown, the Yankees and Red Sox families would Skype every Friday night and plan out all the exciting things they were going to do while staying at the Treehouse Villas. When there was one week left, every detail was in place. All they needed to do was to get through that last week!

The time had come! On Saturday morning, the two families met in the parking lot of a McDonald's near Downtown Disney. Classy, huh? The Red Sox family had just arrived on an early morning flight, and the Yankees family had spent the night at a friend's house who lived nearby. They excitedly made their way over to Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa to check in for their week of magic. Of course, they knew that their room wouldn't be ready, so they headed over to relax near the Turf Bar.

The coexisting kids anxiously awaited their turn to hit the pool table...

while the Dads enjoyed a cold beverage.

Shhhhh! The Pool Sharks are busy!

Okay. So a lot of stuff happened in the middle here and I definitely don't have photos of any of those not so fun times. Let's just say that, somehow, our amazing Treehouse Villa had been given to some other family. There is much speculation that this family just happened to be super fans of the Tampa Bay Rays, but who knows? Either way, tears and disappointment were flying everywhere, and we were hoping for a miracle.

A miracle (along with some really cool balloons!) was granted to the coexisting families.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Disney Vacation Club magical fairy. Either that, or Mickey had something to do with it!

Will it really be party time? Only time will tell!

Oh, yes! When your miracle comes in the form of a Grand Villa, it is most definitely party time!

The faces of the Red Sox kids say it all!

Even the Red Sox parental units were blown away!

Check out Linda's look of surprise!

Connor quickly makes his way upstairs...

and peers down upon his new kingdom!

The master bedroom is downstairs...

with a lovely master bath attached.

As Linda enters her beautiful room, she finds a Hidden Mickey awaiting her!

Renee and Mark check out the size of the living room to make sure there will be plenty of room for dancing...

then Renee quickly makes her upstairs to claim a bed for herself!

On the other side of the Villa, the boys rush to claim their 'boy space' for the week.

As usual, Mark is transfixed by a television! Ha!

Ed and Linda learn that there is a door upstairs so they can check up on their boys. Well, only if they aren't behaving themselves, which would never happen at Walt Disney World, right?

Mark checks out the condition of the sofa cushions...

while the Yankees girls check out the rest of the Villa. First up, the gihugic dining room!

And look! Another Hidden Mickey!

There is such an open view from the dining room into the kitchen and adjoining bathroom.

Renee shows how lovely the bathroom vanity really is...

and encourages you to place the cold beverages of your choosing into the currently empty refrigerator.

"Oh, my! Look at this oven!"

"And look! A dishwasher!"

After ooohing and ahhhing over their new digs for the week, the coexisting families headed to the local Publix to grab some food to fill that empty refrigerator. Seeing that the next day was Easter Sunday, they also picked up a dozen eggs and supplies for decorating.

I still wonder if that was really a good idea.

Ummm, kids? You're not supposed to drink the dye!

Chris explains to Renee the art of dying eggs, while Connor ponders the existence of the Honey Badger.

Such concentration!

"Which color shall I use?"

Connor was all about the green!

Chris is seriously bothered by this strange growth on one of the eggs. "Ewwwww!"


Guess who did these?

While the kids decorated their eggs, Mark and Ed made sure that the sofa was, indeed, comfy!

Did you notice that Mr. Yankees Man, Mark, was sitting next to Mr. Red Sox Man, Ed? Did you also take notice of Ed's Red Sox pants? Yup! Coexistence!

As the evening went on, fingers became dyed along with the eggs...

and the science and art experiments began!

Even with all of that, much fun was had...

and beautiful eggs were created.

It's kind of like friendships. The people within them may be different in their own ways (such as the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry), but the neatest thing is that they all fit together in their own special way.

Yup! I'd say they're some pretty good eggs!

Next up: Day Two, otherwise known as Easter Sunday. Did the Easter Bunny come to visit? Did he bring lots of candy? Could the coexisting continue? Come back next week to find out!


Tink *~*~* said...

I was hoping you had taken bunches of pictures of the Grand Villa :) More, more, MORE!


Ed said...

Wow this is great nice pictures (less of me please ;) ) I cant wait to see what happened next on the Red Sox rule trip.

Mare said...

Tink, your wish is my command!

Ed, wait until Mark sees your!

Debbie said...

Very cool!!!!

Wannabe Farmers said...

You make it really hard to ignore you.

Mare said...

Farmer Chele, I'm sorry, but you have to follow along. ;)