Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wacky Wednesday~Sassy Face

I have no idea how we started watching Little Miss Perfect. Perhaps Wilson had watched it first and shared the details of one of its unbelievable episodes? Either way, although we've never agreed with the whole child pageant scene, we just couldn't avert our eyes from the train wreck!

Renee especially found the coached, exaggerated facial expressions quite hysterical. Often, and mostly in public places, she would send Mark and I running with fake horror at her random reenactments of that week's best pageant moments.

Just imagine Renee doing both voices...

Scary Mother on the Show: "Come on, honey, do your sassy face for Mama!"

Child Who Really Doesn't Want to Be There: "Nooooooooo!"

Scary Mother on the Show: "Mama will buy you a Nintendo DS if you do it for her!"

Renee's portrayal of the Child Who Really Doesn't Want to Be There...

Yup. Scary, sassy face!

I wonder who ever thought this would look cute?


Ed said...

"Sparkle for Momma ... now Jazz Hands!"

Starwars1993 said...

C'mere precious... while Mama jabs you with this needle full of Botox!!!!

Wannabe Farmers said...


Mare said...


"Sparkle, baby, sparkle!"