Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wacky Wednesday~Honk Honkers!

After a few days of me pouring my heart out to anyone who cared to read my emotion filled blog posts, we have made the family decision that today would be the perfect time for some laughter here at Making Memories.

In the past, in order to give myself a purpose for posting (as if I really needed that!), I have tried the whole 'day of the week theming' which many bloggers use. I truly love the idea, but then I feel terrible when I can't follow through. I believe I have even mentioned this before, and here I am, doing it again!

I have a feeling that until we find our new 'normal' around here, postings will ebb and flow as with the tide...or emotions, in my case! I hope you'll hang with us as we attempt to share our memories with you, no matter how sad or funny.

As for a 'Wacky Wednesday' theme, I doubt that we will have an issue with finding photos to share with you. Everyone knows we're kind of crazy like that!

*Disclaimer~If you have a problem with staged displays of, ummm, affection, please stop reading now! We would never want to offend anyone.*

To all of those who are still with us, we like you! Not that we don't like the other people who stopped reading, but life is all about being silly, don't you think? Of course, in those moments of silliness, we need to be aware of 'little eyes and ears'. Seeing that we were pretty much the last people out of the park, it was not, as Renee would say, an inappropriate moment!

Anyway, our friend, Nick, is all about the perfect family photo. His creative mind couldn't help noticing that a certain store in Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure provided the best backdrop ever for a possible 2011 Christmas card.

I still wonder what they sold in that store!


Debbie said...

If the store was named Honk Hooters there might have been some problems with going inside. Not sure what Honkers are....

Mare said...

Haha! Deb, that's what Nick calls hooters, hence him laughing like crazy as he set up that photo!

Wannabe Farmers said...

Those are quite the honkers! LMAO I don't always comment, but I love your blog.

Ed said...

Oh sure setup this photo when I'm not around ;)

Mare said...

Thanks, Farmer Chele! I knew that you would appreciate our twisted sense of humor. After all, I have to click on a 'consent' button when I come to visit your little corner of the blogosphere! How could you not? ;)

Mare said...

Oh, Ed. I am so sorry.

There's always that kitchen!

Starwars1993 said...

Oh my gawd...I can't believe what gutter minds you all have...honkers are noses!!...Harrhump!!!...marches away with honker in the air.

LMAO!!! =0P

Mare said...

Alicia, OMG, you just made me spit my water!

On one of our trips with Ed and Fam, we were telling a story in an area where there were many little ears surrounding us. Mark and I were struggling to come up with another name for boobs, and Renee piped in with 'her nose'. From that point on, it was all about 'her nose'!

So, see? Hooters are honkers and honkers are noses are hooters! It's all relative!

Wannabe Farmers said...

Shameless blog promotion, but check out our latest for innuendo and Scerm. Y'all get the scoop...Ben draws a pic of a "cartoonish snake" which looks like a sperm. Eli calls it a sperm. I'm at work and poor Ted is at home and is called in for opinion. Ben: "Ted, Eli says my picture of a snake looks like Scerm." Ted is no-nonsense and says "Yeah Pal It does look like that." Ben says, "What's Scerm?" To come: Hi Dad, we need to have a talk. We gave him a vague rundown of reproduction but he couldn't get past the fact that you could fertilize a female's egg without fertilizer...manure style. There are some things best left to fathers and their boys. Oi Vei...Lis style. We are working it out.

Mare said...

Farmer Chele, feel free to drop shameless blog promotions over here anytime you like!

I was waiting for you to share the story, but I had a strong feeling it was Ben's take on sperm. Renee has her own--swerm. Swimming!

Now, it's just become a natural part of our conversations.

Mark: She (speaking of the girl child!) gets her badness from you.

Mare: No, it's your bad swerm that started it all!

Mark: No way! It was that egg in the blue dress. *cue Mark singing and dancing to the devil in the blue dress song.*

Renee: Nope! Bad swerm! Mommy's eggs are angelic.

See? Look how much fun it could!