Thursday, February 18, 2010

T...E...Double R...I...F...I...C Thursday!

Since Leigh liked my Wacky Wednesday idea, I think I'm going to run with the theme days for awhile.

A few weeks ago, I was compelled to write about our friend, Ready Freddie Fiddlesticks. I posted his story on Flashback Friday, but even then, it didn't feel like the perfect place for it. Yes, the photos were a flashback to the many times we have visited him at Disney's Hollywood Studios, but my heart felt like there had to be a better way to showcase the people and things we love so much.

So today, let me introduce Terrific Thursday! For the time being, Thursday will be the day we share all kinds of things we think are pretty darn terrific!

First up, meet the McCann Clan.

Well, that would be the McCann Clan plus Mark and Renee, but most of you probably knew that already!

They may be Red Sox fans, which makes Mr. Yankees' skin crawl, but they are good people, and wonderful friends. Plus, they love Disney World as much as we do. How amazing is that?

Renee calls their eldest son her 'Betrothed'; I think that makes Mark nervous. Not only is he not ready for his little girl to grow up and even use a word like betrothed, but a merger like that could only mean one thing--a future Sox fan in the family!

Their youngest son shares Renee's hyped-up energy level. The two of them+music=watch out, world!

The three of them together, though, is just a joy to watch. Renee fits right in like the last piece to complete their own special, little puzzle.

That combination often makes for happy kids...

times three!

Whether it be spending time together at Disney or Skyping across the miles on Friday nights, our dear friends from the cold, snowy north always know how to make us smile. Especially when they brighten our day with lovely surprises.

Aren't they gorgeous? Renee loves roses, I love alstromeria, and Grammy loves both! How did they know?

McCann Clan, you are not only Valentinetastic, but you're the epitome of T...E...Double R...I...F...I...C!

We are so happy you came into our lives, and even more lucky to call you friends; even if you are Red Sox fans.

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Ed said...

And the McCanns think you guys are pretty terrific too. We are blessed and proud to call you friends.