Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today, I am dreaming of sunny, summer afternoons


We're having another one of those rainy, damp, dreary days in Georgia. I know I shouldn't complain with all of the snow everyone else seems to be having, but this weather is making me feel all kinds of Eeyore-ish.

Besides snuggling up in the cozy chair with my girlie for some quality reading time, what else can one do to feel better? Hmmmm....

Ooooh! I know! I'll pull out some photos from last summer. Maybe they will not only lift my spirits, but remind me about the importance of rainy days like this.

Reminder number one? It most surely helps these daylilies to grow!

Reminder number two? The beautiful dragonflies need it for survival.

Reminder number three? Roses. Need I say more?

And last, but not least, reminder number four. The butterflies. They love little puddles of water so much that we actually have a small saucer which we fill for them when the rain doesn't do it for us.

Sigh. I feel better already!

So if you are like me, miserable from the rain or tired of the snow, take a trip back into your photos from summers past. It just might make your day a little brighter!

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Tink *~*~* said...

LOVE that swallowtail!