Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Posted by ShoZu

It worked! Woo-hoo!

I am truly excited now. We are leaving this weekend for a few days at WDW, and now it looks like I may be able to share some of our trip with you. :)

Please be patient with me through the next few days. The ability to post these photos so easily seems almost too good to be true. If you have been here from the beginning, you'll know exactly why I feel this way.

Stay tuned...I will most likely be bombarding the blog with lots of phone photos just to verify that it works more than twice-LOL!


glo said...

Mare!!! Hey sweetie I just found this through your link! OMG Renee has gotten so big! The little princess is getting bigger! I can't believe how big! Hope you have great trip to WDW...wish I was going to! Keep in touch sweetie and I will add you to list of daily check in blogs! LYMI!!!!

MariBy said...

Oh Miss Renee is little bit more grown and a lot more lovely each time I see her! Wonderful blog Mare...looking forward to seeing pics of WDW magic soon!

~Jody~ said...

I love live trip reports - Can't wait!