Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fake Celebrity Autographs

I don't need to introduce the little girl in this photo, but I'd like you to meet Bucky Greenhorn.

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Bucky is a 'Hollywood Hopeful' who hangs around on the streets of MGM (Oops-I mean Disney's Hollywood) Studios. He is part of an amazing group of actors and actresses, known as Streetmosphere, who truly make a visit to this park even more enjoyable.

To say that this guy makes us smile is an understatement. He makes us smile huge! =)

The first time we met him, he was playing his ukulele and singing along with two of our favorite Streetmosphere characters, Francis Floot and Paige Turner. Because they deserve their own post, I will refrain from introducing you to them today.


The next time we ran into him, he had a little table set up in the middle of the street and he was offering 'Fake Celebrity Autographs'. You just know that we took advantage of that, don't you?

When it was Renee's turn, she bounced up and asked for Zac Efron. I almost fell over laughing as our pal Bucky did a double take. It seems that Mr. Efron was the most requested autograph of the day. LOL!

It was also Renee's most favorite autograph in her book. Every time someone would ask to see who had signed her book, they were amazed to see Zac in there right along with Chip and Dale. Shhhhhh, it's our secret though, okay?

Last Friday, before we left for home, we found Bucky in a new spot. That day, probably because of Star Wars Weekends, he was offering 'Free Fake Star Wars Autographs'. Although Renee isn't a huge Star Wars fan, we still took advantage of this incredible opportunity. How else could we get Princess Leia to sign her book?

As he was signing for Princess Leia, he was chatting up the people who were relaxing on the bench next to his table. When he mentioned that he would also offer other celebrity autographs, we jumped at the chance to have Link Larkin sign Renee's book.

I know that you must all be wondering who Link Larkin is. Bucky wondered the same thing. It confused him even more than the day when she asked for Zac Efron!

So, for all of you who don't have a little girl totally obsessed with the movie, Hairspray, Link Larkin is the lead male character.

Link Larkin is also portrayed by Zac Efron.

See the connection there? And see Mark sweating already?


Bucky took it all in stride. He was even extra creative and drew a little can of hairspray next to Link's name. What a guy!

Then we just had to ask for one more autograph. Yup...pushing it a little, weren't we?

Bucky didn't seem to have a problem with it though. Especially since we asked for his autograph.

I think he may have even blushed a little. =)

So thank you, Bucky Greenhorn, and all the other talented performers who entertain us on the streets of Hollywood. Tower of Terror may thrill some, but you are the reason this family visits Disney's Hollywood Studios!


glo said...

Ooohh I hope Bucky is there when I go next year for my birthday! I knew exactly who Link was! I loved the re-make movie and Zac Efron was great Link! Tell Renee that she is awesome for asking for Bucky's autograph at the end :)

Christa said...

If he was hanging out with Francis and Paige, then he must be a-ok!

I forgot to ask if you got to see our friend Francis! I missed seeing him on this trip!

dizzbear said...

Ooohh this is interesting information...I'm asking for George Clooney's when I see Bucky!!!

Alicia =0)