Monday, July 7, 2008

Seriously protected

Posted by ShoZu

Score! Another photo delivered!

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that ShoZu continues to work. Two friends (and fellow bloggers!), Debbie and Christa, each have their own special trip coming up that they are hoping to share through mobile blogging. If ShoZu continues to behave itself, I just may be able to feel as though I am right there with them!


glo said...

She looks like one of those futuristic warriors until you look at the bike. She battling the forces of evil at Toy R Us?

Christa said...

Nice!!! Pictures are back! I have some good ones from Target, but Meg took her phone. Mine died, so I had to use hers. I'll get them up as soon as she's back from practice.

BTW - you can go back and edit the post and remove the Shozu link if you want. It saves space.

Mare said...

Glo, that would be the forces of evil at Wally World. LOL!

And Christa, I left in the little link because I wanted to show that it really was working! ;)

dizzbear said...


Alicia =0)