Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh, how the years go by

How do you know they are speeding by at super speed?

It's simple. You look at your babies, who are now teenagers (how did that happen?), and they are jingling the car keys in front of your eyes. Yup, it's driving time!

Look at Mark. He can't even stand the thought of it. And jeez, Renee was only five then, too!

We all know that Mark and I have some time to deal with the realization of this huge milestone. Our friends, Debbie and Dan, don't have that luxury. Their daughter, Lexie, will be obtaining her permit sometime this year. I'm sure if they read this, they winced a little when they got to that last sentence. LOL!

Miss Renee and I were with Lexie when she got some road time in at WDW. Although the 'road' has a track that the car is connected to, drivers should still attempt to follow the rules of the road, right?


Gosh, what do I sound like? A parent or something? We were at a theme park, not on the Florida Turnpike!

But Lexie, whatever you do, please don't do this when your Mom and Dad are in the car with you, okay?

It's okay, Lexie. I know that Renee would have turned around if you were behind us. She probably would have taken both hands off the steering wheel and waved them high in the air, too!

All I can say is thank goodness Lexie was in front of us. See? Eyes on the road (and most likely on Lexie!), and both hands on the wheel. Good girl!

Whew...we made it! It was a bumpy ride, but we laughed a lot! Who knew that crazy driving could be so funny?

Now is a good time to turn around, Lexie. Check out that gorgeous smile!

You have a great daughter there, my friends. Good luck, and just remember to breathe.


Christa said...

It's those permit driving hours that give you the gray hairs! Look at me when I'm due for color - it's scary! What's really scary - letting Meg drive to Atlanta for a concert. I try to smile and wave good-bye while my insides are screaming "nooooo!"

Debbie said...

That's my girl. We've already gone around the block and into the driveway twice. This is going to be very interesting!!!!!

Just you wait, Renee will be driving before you know it.

mo said...


I can't hear you!


dizzbear said...


Me neither....Erich will be 13 in Sept...OY!

Alicia =0)

dizzbear said...

Duh...see I'm so shook up by it all I said 13 in Sept...it's 15!!!