Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday

Our town's 4th of July parade last week brought back some memories of another patriotic parade many years ago. I was probably about nine or ten at the time, and my personal parade float was aptly named Jolly Hot Rock.

Jolly Hot Rock (more commonly known as Joe!), and I are in the middle. He is the chestnut with the star on his forehead, and I am the little girl riding him.

It was a Making Memory moment that I will never forget.


Christa said...

I have to see a big snapshot of that one!! What year was that?

MariBy said...

Oh that's adorable! Looks like it was taken in...what...the early 90's? ;) :D

Mare said...

Oh, Mari. You are so kind to say that it was the early 90's.

LOL! was more like the late 70's. ;)