Thursday, May 29, 2008

I used to love pine cones

Matter in fact, I couldn't get enough of them.

I mainly used them for crafts. They made baskets prettier, wreaths more interesting, and when painted to look like funny little santas they were just adorable.

Back when I had time for crafts (HA!), we never had any pine trees near our home. I had be resourceful and rely on other means to get them. Sometimes I would get them from a friend's father who frequently traveled through the Pine Barrens. When that supply got low, I am ashamed to admit that I even bought a few bags from the craft store. The horrors!

Fast forward to our new home in Georgia. When we first came to look at the house, I was greeted by the scent of pine as I stepped out of the car. Just imagine it...lots of lovely pine trees, and they were gently swaying in the breeze on that warm, spring day. It was wonderful! I saw a few pine cones scattered around on the ground and my mind went wild with ideas of creativity. They were mine, all mine!

What a fool I was. Besides dropping those little nuggets of craftiness, pine trees also drop pine needles.


Especially on the driveway. Which happens to be very long.

I would measure it, but it's a pretty long walk. ;)

Here's what the past weekend looked like...

Before you ask, yes, the wheelbarrow is filled to the top with pine cones.

And those piles! Lots of pine needles, and way too much raking and sweeping. I knew all those years of mucking out stalls at the barn would come in handy, but at least I got to hop up on a horse as a reward afterwards!

I think I will be looking into one of those re-chargeable blowers to get rid of all that debris. Just think-it will leave me more time to craft with all those wonderful pine cones.

Or not...LOL!

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~Jody~ said...

That IS one long driveway! How neat to be nested in the wooded pines though. I'd love to see more pics of your property sometime!

Back when Shelby was 5 yrs old we drove to Disney for the first time. I remember stopping along the road in the Carolina's or it might have been Georgia and we picked up some really big pine cones. I made a basket of them on my front porch and they were there for years.