Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday...the day before the birthday

Friday started out as a ho-hum morning. We had transformed ourselves back into the Badelves, and the only evidence of any pirating was the candy staring at us from the table.

By the way she longingly stared at it, I'm sure it was screaming at Miss Renee.

Today was the perfect day to deliver a few goodies that we had brought for our friends over at MGM...I mean, Disney's Hollywood Studios. Tomorrow was Renee's birthday, and we had the great plan to attempt to visit all the parks in one day. With all of that running around, we knew we didn't want to carry anything extra along with us.

We arrived at the park just in time for their newest parade, Block Party Bash. As we worked our way towards the back of the park to secure a good spot, a member of the Dream Team walked up and began to talk to us. Before we knew what was happening, we had a special spot for the parade and some Fastpasses for Toy Story Mania in our hands!

We can't say enough about Anastasia, our Dream Team friend. She was just amazing, and totally made our day. Thank you so, so much!

After that, the afternoon was a whirlwind of activity.

Again, this post will be a little light on photos as I was doing lots of mobile blogging. If you want to see those photos, you know the drill.


We hopped from the parade to Toy Story Mania. Then we went back up to the front to watch our Streetmosphere friends for a bit. Then it was over to the Animation Studio to visit with Isaac, one of our animator friends.

See? It was a whirlwind!

We decided to take a little break and introduce Mark to the newer version of the Playhouse Disney Live! show. Honestly, it was a little bittersweet for us because they took away many of the characters that Renee loved as a munchkin.

It's still a wonderful show, and we totally understand why the changes had to happen. From the looks on the faces of the tots in the audience, they were thrilled with the new version!

It was a little Goofy...

and a little sweet at the same time. And look...Daisy was there!

When we walked out of the show, the clouds were just beautiful. It's such a shame that this photo doesn't do it justice.

Because we had another set of Fastpasses to use, where do you think we went next? ;)

After all our crazy fun, we realized we were starving! We were going to head off property for dinner, but then decided to walk over to the Sci-Fi Dine In to see if we could snag a table. Luck was on our side again, and we were seated at one of their 'flying saucers' within minutes.

In the next photo, Mark decides that he will really smile for me.

This was after me teasing him for not smiling for the two photos prior. I also think he was watching the movie and sort of ignoring me, but we won't get into that. Love ya, babe!

Tomorrow was to be an early day, so we decided to head back to our resort. Before we could even get there though, Nick called and asked if we wanted to come over to exchange photos. This sounded like a smart idea to me, especially because we would be leaving for home on Sunday. I knew that he had captured some great photos, and I knew that I needed them. My camera had been misbehaving for days, and I had to have those photos for our blog!

We also got to see the sugar gliders again.

Don't you just love the little pouch that Nick carries them around in?

After exchanging our photos, it was time to call it a night. Tomorrow was Renee's 9th birthday, and we were all in for an amazing day!

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