Friday, November 21, 2008

Sunday...sleepy Elves and Renee's guide to hotel check-in

It would be safe to say that the Badelves three were very, very tired the next morning. Under the advice of the head elf (you can decide amongst yourselves who that was!), we decided to sleep in a little.

When we finally stumbled downstairs, Danny greeted us with a cup of his famous tea. I'm usually a coffee kind of girl, but Danny's tea is just wonderful. It must be the fact that he's from England.

We hung out and chatted with Danny for a bit, and Mark even helped him move a bit of furniture around. It was the least we could do for them for hosting us for the evening!

The little Miss was getting a bit antsy to head off to our resort, so we knew it was time to move on. After a quick drive up I-4, we arrived at our home for the week...Disney's Old Key West.

We just love this place! Mark and I hope to eventually make it to the real Key West, but for the time being, hearing some Jimmy Buffet tunes as we checked in made us very happy. ;)

Renee's idea of checking in is heading straight to the pool. It was no different this time, and Pool Girl wanted to hit the water the moment those keys were in our hands! We needed to get the van unloaded first, so to deal with this chore faster, Mark and I tag teamed it up the...



of stairs.

Why, oh why, did we end up on the third floor on this trip? We had luggage galore, Halloween costumes, and food to get us through the week. Any other time we are on the first floor. The room gods must have figured that we would need to burn the calories we would be ingesting during the Food and Wine Festival. Yup...that's it!

I still needed to make a quick trip over to Publix for some perishables, so I dropped Pool Girl and her Daddy off at the main pool. There was no way that she would be happy making her way through the store when that pool was calling. It was a smart solution that would make everyone happy.

I won't bore you with the details of the afternoon, but while they swam, I managed to stop at Publix and the outlets! Woo-hoo! I don't normally shop for myself, but seeing that my family was gloriously occupied, I decided to spend my free time trying to find a new bathing suit. If you are a woman you will understand why this was not my idea of a good time-LOL! I did score a new suit though, managed to find some sandwich fixings on sale, and made it back to the room just in time to get ready for some park fun. That, my friends, is a miracle!

That night, they were offering Extra Magic Hours over at MGM...I mean, Disney's Hollywood Studios. Mark hadn't had the chance to experience the new Toy Story Mania ride, so that was #1 on our list. We headed over to the new Pixar area, and Mark was like a kid hopped up on candy. He was so excited!

The wait time was about 30 minutes, but it surely didn't feel that long. The que area is filled with so many fun toys from our childhood!

Mr. Potato Head must have been really tired that night because they pulled a nice, blue sheet over him.

When I saw that giant, red light, I immediately thought of my friends' Ruby Tuesday posts!

There was a huge, United States puzzle on the wall, and Renee pointed out our old home in New York.

Two very happy campers!

I was horse crazy when I was little, and I'm pretty sure this is what my drawings looked like. ;)

The excitement builds after you pick up your 3-D glasses and spot this sign.

And look! Lasers.


You even get to walk under a colorful tent.

When you come around the corner there is even more eye candy!

When her eyes sparkle like this, you just know she is uber excited!

No comment, but see grinning face above.

She quite possibly has them. ;)

That's a good thing in this case, because it's time to get to work!

After taking that last photo, I looked up and saw this...

Then I looked back over and saw this...

See the resemblance? ;)

I have way too much fun on that ride to find the time to take photos or video. Maybe one day when I tire of it (WHAT?!!!), I will capture something to share with you all.

Ummmm...doubt it! Just ride it for yourselves.


It is the only ride in WDW that we will wait in a line for.

Psssst. That means that it's really, really good.

In fact, it was so good that we got in line and rode it again. =)

After that, they began to herd us out of the park. Moooooooooooooo.

Well, that's what it felt like! We were just starting to have fun!

We took our time herding...I mean, heading...out of the park. We stopped for some silliness while peering inside the store windows, and took a few photos. I won't repeat them here because I mobile blogged them that night. If you are so inclined, scroll back a bit. You might enjoy them!

A short tram ride back to our van, and we were on our way back to our 'home'. We needed our rest for Monday...


MariBy said...

Oh yeah! Toy Story Mania is my most favorite thing to do with my son. We laughed and laughed every one of the half dozen times we rode this! It was a hoot!

Ed said...

Can't wait to hit TSM in Nov. the boys have seen the pictures and video and can't wait, maybe Renee can give them some pointers.

dizzbear said...

Ya know Mr. Potatohead is getting up there in years and he does lives in Florida...he retires to bed early now after having supper at 4:30pm.

TSM looks like soooo much fun!!

Tink *~*~* said...

It used to be only a two-ride park. Now it's a three-ride park - w00t! Keep the stories coming!

Tink *~*~*

*1L said...

FUN! I can't wait to read about the birthday trip! Glad my girlie is having fun so far!