Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Friday~Tattoos

When you are four and a half, tattoos are a huge thing. At least in our house they were, and it got to the point that Renee was so good at putting them on that we just gave her the tattoos and let her go to town.

One summer day, she called to me from the sun room in our house in New York.

"Mommy, come here! I want to show you something!"

When I walked out to see, I noticed a tiny little tattoo on her hand. I mentioned to her that I loved the hearts, but she said, "No! There's something even better than that!"

After picking myself up off the floor, I called Mark at work to tell him that we had a creative, budding artist on our hands. Who else would think about encircling their belly button (perfectly straight, mind you!) with a purple and pink flower tattoo?

Looking at this photo all these years later still makes me laugh. Thank goodness for photographic evidence!

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Baloo1320 said...

Oh that's so cute....and I am totally impressed she got it centered PERFECTLY!!!

Speaking of tats...when Erich and Joe went to Hooters last week one of the waitress had one on her lower back...Erich says to Joe...I would like to tell her I like her Tramp Stamp....HA....Joe says....uh,ya might want to rephrase that or you'll probably get smacked!LOLOLOL!!!