Monday, November 28, 2011

Gigantor Cat is sending a message..."More apple pie, please!"


MariBy said...

I agree with Gigantor cat... lol

MariBy said...

Came back to add...I've just noticed a theme of the last several many blog posts.

First, free Gigi cupcakes; then traditional breakfast morning pastries; then thanksgiving pie and more cupcakes; and now apple pie.

Opening a bakery, are we? :D

Mare said...

Can you believe Gigantor Cat (Cannoli, whose name also adds to the bakery!) squeezed himself into that teensy, tiny box? He is nuts, but very entertaining.

A bakery would be awesome, but somehow, I think running one might cut into my WDW time. ;)

MariBy said...

Do you know @amymouses on Twitter? If not, you should follow...she's hilarious! - posts about her cats Lucy Belle and Clarence.