Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday~Discovering Special, Little Treasures

If you were following our blog during the past few weeks, there was no mistake that we were having a most magical time at our 'Happy Place', Walt Disney World. Although there is nothing better than just being there, the one thing that makes it extra special is being able to see and visit with our friends, many who work for the Mouse.

On our first afternoon in Disney, we decided to head over to Epcot and visit our friend, Lynne. She is an amazing performer, a member of the talented troupe known as the World Showcase Players, and she truly deserves her own blog post. I must mention her, though, because if it wasn't for Lynne, we wouldn't have made the very happy discovery which we'd like to share with you today! So thanks, Lynne. You rock!

While watching the show in Italy, we recognized a face we hadn't seen in such a very long time. We were all beyond excited, especially Renee! It was Lisa, who never failed to make us all smile and laugh while performing with the Citizens of Hollywood over at the 'old' MGM Studios. Many hugs were shared, stories were told, and an invitation was extended by Lisa to come back to visit her special friend, Mother Nature, later that week. Supposedly, she was like a super celebrity at the Flower and Garden Festival. Who were we to pass on meeting her? After all, we all had quite a few questions we wanted to ask her about this past winter!

So, visit we did.

That's Mother Nature on the right, with her lovely sidekick, Bella, on the left. They were such a joy to meet, and very, very funny! We were quite lucky when we ran into this duo again on the day we were to head home. Getting a few goodbye hugs from these lovely ladies definitely put a smile on a sad, little girl's face!

So, you are probably wondering where the 'Flashback Friday' fits into this whole blog post, right? Well, it would begin when we returned home and I was sitting at my laptop uploading photos from our trip. While waiting for them to finish doing their thing, I did a little photo album, time traveling to see how Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival had changed over the years.

When I got to May of 2004, I did a double take. Could it really be?

Yes, yes it is! Although I don't believe she was Mother Nature back then, we most definitely shared a special moment with Lisa all those years ago.

And although I didn't capture it on film, I remember specifically how sweet she was to Renee when she helped her with her little box of ladybugs.

She even gave her an extra box. Look at the smile on her face!

What a special treasure for us. If it wasn't amazing enough that we had the pleasure of running into Lisa again after all these years, finding these special photos just took it over the top.

Yup. Making memories, indeed.


Christa said...

See, even you photo stalk without knowing it!! Maybe we should flashback on Meg's picture that she took of a family we didn't know then but love now!!! ;)

Isn't it funny to look back and recognize someone that you know well now but didn't know at all then? It's like it's fate that they will be in your life at some point!

Mare said...

Totally laughing on the photo stalking thing! Looks like I am even guilty of it!

And I do believe it is fate. The very best kind of fate. =)

glo said...

That is so sweet! Love the pictures of Rene she looks so little then and so grown up now. I am so glad you guys had a great time!