Thursday, March 25, 2010

Terrific Thursday~Meet PIPA

What (or who!) in the world is PIPA?

PIPA is a rolling, talking, interactive recycling can, of course! At Disney's Animal Kingdom, just hop on the Wildlife Express Train to Rafiki's Planet Watch. After taking the path towards Conservation Station (stopping to see the Golden Lion Tamarins along the way!), keep your eyes and ears open for a bright, yellow can. The fun and joy you see on Renee's face can be all yours, too!

The entertaining part about PIPA is that you never knew what kind of conversations you might be privy to. We heard naughty kids threatening to stuff their siblings inside, and environmentally conscious kids trying to get their parents to chug their soda so that they too, could recycle. PIPA, of course, encouraged all of this, much to the parent's horror!

PIPA also loved a little spritz of cool, refreshing water during those hot, Florida afternoons. As you can see, Renee was more than happy to help out with that request!

Although we loved the silly side of PIPA, the best part was the message of how important recycling is to our planet. That's what I love most about these little, unexpected surprises that hide in the shadows of the more popular attractions. If you just take the time to explore, you might just find a lesson waiting to be learned.

And, you might find a new friend to hug. PIPA was all about the hugs!

Sadly, we haven't seen PIPA in awhile. I am not sure if it's just been our timing, or the fact that this sweet ambassador for Mother Earth has been retired to the Disney vault.

Either way, we think that PIPA is pretty terrific, and we are thankful for the amazing memories, laughter, and lessons we shared together!

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