Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nekked heads need hats!

Sorry about the lack of blogging in the land of the Badelves. Between chemo treatments, blood and platelet transfusions, and everyday life, it's been hard to squeeze in time for our extracurricular activities. Blogging would be filed in that folder of our lives, but we hope to be spending a little more time with you all very soon.

Anyway, we just had to pop in to share a little bit of our morning with you. Today, on the 18th of October, the thermometer read 30 degrees when I grabbed my first cup of coffee. When I took this next photo (probably on my third cup!), it had risen to a balmy 40 degrees.

When I peeked in to check on Mom, I found her sitting with a cup of coffee in her hands and a woolly hat on her bald little head. She's been anti-wig from the moment her hair started to fall, and except for wearing a scarf when we go to her doctor, she chooses to leave her noggin bare. Well, except for today. Her little nekked head was cold!

Since we don't call her Wilson for nothin', here she is posing with a pretty pot of sunflowers and her bud, Wilson Jr.

After all, someone needs to follow in her footsteps, right?

Hope it's warmer in your neck of the woods today!

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MariBy said...

Hard to say which of them is more adorable. :)