Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been tagged for a second time!

Little ol' me! Can you believe it?

It seems while I was away tending to my sick family (and later my sick self!), I was tagged by Snowbird at Sand Between My Toes. I really did need something to kick me back into the daily grind of blogging after the terrible influx of germs, so maybe I should send her some flowers in thanks. Or wait! We could just pick her up on our way down to WDW the next time we go. Instead of following along with us on our blog, she could be part of the fun! :)

So here's the deal. I have to share 5 addictions with you all and then figure out 5 other people to tag. Since most of my Florida friends have already been tagged, I sure hope that I can manage 5 other people! Here goes, and not in any particular order...

#1~Walt Disney World. Snowbird was right...I am totally addicted to Walt Disney World! If I also had the chance to visit Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, or to enjoy a voyage on the Disney Cruise Line, I would probably be just as addicted to them. Luckily for us, Walt Disney World is only a seven hour drive away so it makes a long weekend with the Mouse totally doable. I love the sights, sounds, smells, and even the people who work there. Wait--especially the people who work there. They bring the best smiles to our faces! For that I will be forever grateful.

#2~Laughter. I know that must sound like such a weird thing to be addicted to. I've always loved to laugh, but after losing my only sister, I quickly realized that I needed it--craved it. I needed it to get through the dark days that followed and have continued to depend on it during other trying times. Maybe that's why I love the Citizens of Hollywood at MGM Studios (Oooops-I mean Disney's Hollywood Studios!) so much. They are family friendly (and therefore Renee appropriate), with an incredible amount of comedic timing. What's not to love?

#3~Animals. I just couldn't imagine my life without them, so wouldn't that mean I was addicted? As a child, my sister Renee was highly allergic to many things--especially things with hair. Amazingly, we still found a way to have pets. Fish led to hermit crabs, and as she outgrew her allergies we progressed to hamsters, Guinea pigs, and birds. By the time I was a teen, we had a houseful of cats that Renee managed to smuggle up the stairs! After Mark and I were married, we brought along the remaining cats and added in an English Springer Spaniel. Indy was a terrific dog and our hearts were broken when we lost her to epilepsy right before I was about to give birth to little Renee. Although we are without a canine companion at this moment, we do have two crazy kitties that we rescued while we lived up in New York. Cannoli and Cheesecake are the best lap warmers...evah!

#4--My Family. This one is easy. I am addicted to the amazing man that I married 17 years ago and the beautiful little girl who is the result of our love. I know that sounds ridiculously corny, but I can't help myself. I love his laugh, her creative stories, and their incredibly blue eyes. Hopelessly devoted...yup, that's me. If you haven't figured that out by now, just take a look back at most of my posts. You will find that they are my favorite subject of all. ;)

#5--My Computer. I'm pretty sure I could come up with a few more addictions but believe I will end with this one. It's amazing how our life totally revolves around this little piece of electronic wizardry. It plays a pivotal role in Renee's schooling, keeps Mark up to date with the goings on at work, allows me to blog and keep in touch with faraway friends, and gives the now retired Grammy a chance to play solitaire to her heart's content! I know that this list was about my addictions but it's obvious that the computer is one addiction we all share. Even Cannoli and Cheesecake love it for its warmth!

So, who to tag? I believe I will start with Debbie at the aptly named, Debbie in Paradise. Debbie is originally from the cold, snowy North, so I am curious to see if one of her addictions will be the beautiful weather in Florida.

Next up is Ed from Carribean Soul. Ed is a hardcore Buffet fan...does he fight a daily urge for cheeseburgers in paradise?

Christa at Teetering on the Edge of the Empty you think that you're getting off that easy? Your Senior is headed off to Georgia Tech next fall, so you'd better deal with those addictions now. You surely won't want them to take over your life once the house is quiet!

I'm also going to tag Robin at Love Ya, Mean It! because she's another one who shares a love for all things Disney. She's usually very busy writing, so I'm sure that she'll appreciate me giving her a hint of an idea (cough...Disney....cough) for at least one of her addictions. ;)

Last but not least, I am tagging Jody at Just for the Fun of It!. Jody is such a loving Mom and Grandma, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if she is addicted to her family just as I am!

Have fun my friends!

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Snowbird said...

Hey, anytime you want to pick me up on your way to WDW, I'm all for it. You guys look like you have sooooo much fun there. I love your addictions and must say that I think I'm addicted to the same things. Glad that I could pull you out of your germy doldrums and get you back on track in the bloggy world.