Thursday, September 11, 2008

Call Mama!

We have a guest blogger today, and I'll introduce her in a minute.

First though, I am not ashamed to admit that I am stealing the guest blogger idea from Tink. If you stop by her blog, My Mobile Adventures, you'll see she has proclaimed Thursday to be 'Blogless Thursday'.

Somehow though, she always manages to have some sort of post there for her faithful readers. It could be...

*a post telling us that's she's really not blogging.

* a post letting us know that she's not entertaining us, and she's serious.

*a post featuring a guest spot by her brother.

*a post containing many excuses for not blogging.

*and my favorite, Tink's blog's voicemail.

Maybe it's because I am usually mowing the lawn and catching up on yard work on Thursday, but you'll notice that most Thursdays have been blogless here, too. I have totally embraced Tink's idea, and I'll admit our life has made it easy to do that.

But...if Tink can get away with what she has been doing (LYMI, Tink!), then I think I can, too. I don't think I can be quite as clever as she has been in disguising her 'Blogless Thursday', but I most definitely have a little person here who would love to share her thoughts with you every so often.

So for today's 'Blogless Thursday', I would love to introduce our guest blogger...

Miss Renee.

Yup, she's the Queen of our hearts, and all that wonderfully mushy stuff. ;)

I'm sure you know how much she loves WDW, but what you may not know is how much she loves the little things that make Disney World such a wonderful place. Those little things (and people, too!) may go unnoticed by many in a rush to get to the next ride or attraction.

I'll stop for now (because that would mean that I am really blogging!), and let her take over. It's all yours, kiddo!

*Renee enters, waving wildly*

Hi...this is Renee!

*Giggling because she is really excited*

Have you ever been to MGM Studios...ooops, I mean Disney's Hollywood Studios?

* Renee laughs because she still calls it MGM, no matter what anyone tries to tell her*

If you have, did you ever stop to watch the Streetmosphere actors?

Can I show you some? Two of my favorite performers are in the next photo. The lady in the blue is Paige Turner, and the man with the suitcase over his head is Francis Floot.

In case you're wondering, he was using his case as an umbrella!

Even though I love both of them, today I am just going to tell you about Francis. Maybe Mom will let me come back another day, and I'll talk about Paige then.

I really can't remember how old I was when I first saw Francis. I had to be around 3 or so, because that was when Mom and Dad started taking me to Disney.

What I do remember is that he had a huge cell phone next to his ear. Oh, and he was talking very loudly to his Mama! He made me laugh so hard, and I couldn't wait to see him again!

The more we visited, the more I learned about Francis. He's a Hollywood hopeful from Bucksnort, Alabama, and he's ready to make it big. Just in case you don't know what that means, he wants to be a star! =)

Sometimes, he sings with his friends, Paige and Bucky. When they argue with one another, they make being mad so funny!

But no matter how busy he is, he always stops to say hello to me.

Even when I told him that my towel creation is a Moose named Morris! That just made him laugh.

I just love Francis Floot-he's the best! I can't wait until my birthday trip so I can stop to say hello and give him a hug.

And maybe, I'll even have Mom videotape some of his skits. Then you can really see just how funny he is!

Ooops...have to go. See ya real soon!

*Renee runs away because she is obviously finished being a guest blogger today*



Christa said...

Good Job, Renee!! You know Francis is my favorite, too! He makes me giggle so much that I always make sure I've used the bathroom before his "show!" Hahaha!

Tell your mom I'll beep at her next Thursday on my way home from the barn! Classes start back next week, and I have to go make sure all the paperwork is in order!

glo said...

Ooh a most excellant guest blogger and a wonderful way for me to end my day! Thank you Renee dear for putting a smile on my face, on a very otherwise sad day.

Hope I get to meet both of you in Jan!

Francis Floot said...

Oh my goodness on a CRACKER. That has t'be the swellest thing I have ever read on the Aquanet!

THANK ya, dear Renee, from the bottom of m'heart! What a nifty ol' blog. And, boy, did I need t'read that t'day. It's been a TOUGH week here in Hollywood and yer blog made me smile. Ya know I STILL have that neat-o green robot that ya made fer me a long time back sittin' right on m'dressin' table in Hollywood! I see that and think of ya each and every day.

Your biggest fan...

Francis Floot

Peter said...

Hee hee, "Aquanet"

Francis Floot is brilliance personified and wrapped up in a nice plaid package of comedy. I regret visiting Hollywood while he was out. :(

MsLeFever said...

Awesome blog - I'm with you Renee - Francis is the BEST part of "MGM"!

Tink *~*~* said...

Wow, a guest blogger - now why didn't I think of that? ;-)

Awesome job, Miss Renee. And looky looky, you even got Francis Floot himself to come out and play! Applause, applause!


Tink *~*~*

PS - thanks for the linky love, Mare. You rock!

Tootie said...

Renee, I have seen Francis quite a few times and never stopped to chat with him. Next time I will. It's wonderful how you have learned so much about him. Thank you for sharing this interesting information.

(Mare, better watch out; Renee may take over for you!) Loved it!

MariBy said...

Well done Miss Renee!

:::claps wildly:::

I saw Francis Floot at the Studios just a couple of days ago! He was making a lot of people laugh!