Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No photos make me sad

I really wanted to start this blog with a really cool photo. After all, this was supposed to be a photo blog.

Imagine the possibilities for a first photo. Mark wearing a bat hat? The itsy bitsy birdie eggs in the nest outside our front door? Renee's paint covered feet after an afternoon of driveway design 101?

Then I read that I could do mobile blogging, and I was even more excited. If anything interesting crossed our path, I could easily capture the photo and send it directly to the blog. I wouldn't have to even hook up my computer! How cool was that?

Very cool, as long as you don't have a Sprint phone. My particular Sprint phone.

I won't bore you with the details, but I have spent a day and a half trying to send lots and lots of really fun photos to this blog. Can you see them? If you can, consider yourself lucky. They are totally invisible to me.

I promise some photos soon. My camera does work after all, as well as my computer. Between the two of them, I should be able to get something on here for you to look at.

Even though it would have been fun with my Sprint phone...

Or, to simplify it even more, Renee suggested drawings. Yup, drawings might be good, too.

As long as we don't use the invisible ink.

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~Jody~ said...

HEY - at least I'm not the only newbie to blogging. We may have to hold each others hand until we get use to this Mare! LYMI!